Ricky Amend, Investor Specialist, Realtor

Ricky Amend is a licensed Realtor specializing in real estate investment properties. He is constantly searching for potential investment properties to match Atlas’ investors search criteria. Using a socially connected approach to real estate, Ricky expects his client portfolio to expand by excelling at meeting all their investment goals. Having money working for you has always intrigued him and gave him his passion to help people create income-producing investments.

Ricky is young, single and driven, which gives him an advantage in the fast-paced real estate investment market. His career goals are in line with his personal goals of becoming a real estate investor. When Ricky isn’t searching for investment opportunities, he is looking for adventure. From boating to building cars, riding a dirt bike or flying a jetpack, Ricky is set out to have fun, no exceptions. He also is part owner of a water-powered jetpack company that started in Ocean City, MD and has expanded to multiple locations in Southern Florida.

Fun Facts

Latest Minor Accomplishment: Started a habit of getting up at 4am to go to the gym

Dance Move: The awkward kind

Currently Binging: Billions

Currently Listening To: The Way of the Ice Man

Best Book: Money: Master the Game

Place Your Moving To When You Win The Lottery: Hawaii